• MCA Student Top Ten Finalist in National Video Contest

    There are some true up and coming young artist in McIntosh County.  Today, we celebrate a future film maker MCA Junior Olivia Humphries. Olivia is a third year Audio Video Film student at McIntosh County Academy. Her teacher, Mrs Chappell recently brought  new film contest to the students attention and they jumped at the opportunity to compete. The contest was created by the DEA and is called Operation Prevention. Students competed against schools across the entire country to try and create a video that would educate the public on the epidemic of prescription drug abuse.  Winners will receive big cash prize scholarships and travel opportunities.

    Humphries had less than a week to write, film and edit her contest entry.  She also cast fellow MCA friend Bre’Onna Armstrong in her video. It has been quite a year for these talented young ladies.  Earlier this year, these same student along with Brooke Maulden (not pictured) advanced to the GHSA state Level Competition for Theater. Armstrong received the acting award “All Star Cast” while at this competition.

    Olivia's talent and hard work shined through and her video entry advanced to the top ten national finalist!  Her teachers and classmates are cheering her on but there is something we can all do as a community that could help this student advance even further.

    We can all go to https://www.operationprevention.com/vote and vote for Olivia to win the Viewers Choice Award.  Voting Ends on April 25th so hurry and vote! Follow the link and you will find: Oilvia H. Darien Ga. Opiods- The True Horror Story. Click on her video BEFORE you hit the vote button.




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